The Vanity Trap: Do you want to ACT like a leader or do you want to BE one?

LEAD a team you can be proud of by being the AUTHENTIC you

If you ever find yourself…

  • Stuck in your career
  • Overwhelmed with leadership responsibilities
  • Feeling burned out
  • Cutting corners to save time, constantly
  • Getting tired of chasing trends
  • Paralyzed by imposter syndrome
  • Wanting to lead others without fakery
  • Looking for a way to live a more meaningful life

 Then my book is meant for you!



A breakdown of mental traps

You will learn to avoid,

And authentic leadership mindsets that will

Accelerate your growth,

Without being a total fake,

Driven by a deeper, more meaningful life

Even if you’re not

Currently struggling with leadership

Or leading others,

Without wasting time

Or chasing meaningless trends

Or being paralyzed by imposter syndrome

Or feeling trapped in your current role.


Introducing: The Vanity Trap


In the first part, you’ll discover what the Vanity Trap is and how it holds you back from success

You’ll learn:

  • The hidden costs of new technologies companies don’t want you to know about
  • How a habit of blame leads to procrastination that hinders you
  • Why cutting corners and skipping steps often wastes MORE of your precious time than doing it right the first time
  • How the growing complexity of technology leaves you vulnerable to hidden secrets
  • Why short-sightedness can overwhelm you with problems
  • How distrust stops you from collaborations you need to accelerate your career
  • Why an obsession with superficialities exposes you to concealed dangers
  • How larger organizations amplify the nasty effects I listed above


In the second part: the top 12 traits of leaders who rocketed to success

You’ll learn about:

  • How principles form a supportive foundation for success
  • 2 types of positivity – only ONE of which will give you long-term stability
  • The strength that courage offers in the face of adversity
  • 2 types of procrastination – and how to overcome both instantly
  • Broadening your mind to open yourself to a whole new world of opportunities
  • The true value of helping others
  • How to become an authentic leader without waiting to be appointed
  • How to avoid straying from what you value most
  • Finding confidence through calmness in a crisis
  • Loving what you do


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The Vanity Trap: Do you want to ACT like a leader or do you want to BE one?

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